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"Were I working with young people today, I could think of nothing better than exposure to and collaboration with a great working actor - Vincent Guastaferro has worked in all media for thirty years, and knows from the battlefield the answers to a student's deepest questions."
DAVID MAMET, Playwright

"Vinny has so much to offer students with his extensive background in the theatre, film, movies of the week, episodic sitcoms and soaps. Above all he is a professional with great integrity." FRAN BASCOM, Casting Director,
Los Angeles


Joe Mantegna Video Interview

Listen to Joe Mantegna share the story of his incredible journey from being in his high school musical to touring with HAIR, meeting David Mamet, winning the Tony for Glengarry Glen Ross, working on the Godfather, and now starring on the hit CBS series Criminal Minds.

Deb Barylski Video Interview

Listen to this bright educated and super experienced Emmy Award winning Casting Director talk about the process of casting. She gives real insight to actors about what her job is and what is expected of an actor in the audition room.

Steven Banks Video Interview

Hear this off the wall writer/performer/musician talk about his job as head writer on Cat dog, Sponge Bob Square pants, and the development of Billy The Mime, his international x-rated mime personality.

Joe Mantegna Podcast

Once again, SPORT's main godfather has given an insightful view into the job of a series actor. Yes, it is a dream for most of us and only Joe can give us a picture of what the practical and artistic demands of that job are, and still make it informational and fun.

Tom McLoughlin Podcast

Tom, a true Angelino, director of over 30 major TV movies, started out as a kid in LA who wanted to be in the movies. He tells his remarkable story from winning a poetry contest, to doing mime in France with Marcel Marceau, to becoming Frank Capra's assistant and protégé, to writing and directing his first film and his transition into being a highly regarded TV movie director.

SPORT also hosted Tom McLoughlin as a guest for an on-camera class and he shared his expertise with us using the students in the class to illustrate how he works on the set and to give examples of what a director expects from the actors he hires.

The Sport of Acting


Contact information

"Vincent is one of those rare and wonderful individuals who have that capacity to teach and influence others in a myriad of positive ways."

"Mr. Guastaferro is an inspiring and demanding teacher, capable of working with beginners and advanced performers. His wide range of experience and depth of knowledge provide the basis for his work with students. He is an experienced artist of the highest caliber."
DAVID AVCOLLIE, DePaul University, Chicago


Ian Patrick Williams Podcast

A true thespian, Patrick is a Chicago trained actor who specializes in developing, writing, and starring in one-man shows based on real historical figures. An accomplished professional with credits ranging from rep theatre to TV guest stars he offers his advice, to stay busy, to young actors.

Guest Simon Ayer

A small crowd attended an evening with Simon at SPORT. He came there to share his vast experience and insights with SPORT students and guests. This night gave the actors the chance to talk with Simon in a relaxed atmosphere. It was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to listen and learn as Vinny asked questions of Simon that addressed a myriad of topics.

Jeffrey Addiss One-Act Project

This was a smash success. We were graced with a dozen one-acts; we picked four, and cast them from class. We set aside a separate night to rehearse and over the course of a few months assembled an evening representative of our style of working. Guest directors Rob Adler, David Avcollie, Cindy Kania, and Debbie Taylor worked with SPORT student to create a raw presentation of Jeff's plays to their peers, family, and other guests.

Guest Bob Griffard

Accomplished mime Bob Griffard came in for a night as a guest. It was a great workout. Once again he emphasized how physical a sport acting really is as he shared some basic isolation exercises with us. We were all sore the next day.


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Why The Sport of Acting?

A batter steps into the batter's box.
A golfer sets up for a drive.
A diver pauses at the end of the platform.
A football player holds a suspended state of readiness before the ball is hiked.
A tennis player sets himself not knowing where the serve will come from.
A soccer goalie maintains a heightened state hoping he won't have to act.
A runner sets his feet in the blocks before the start whistle.
A boxer steps into the ring with an intention and an obstacle.

Everything that led to this moment was based on their preparation.

As athletes come to know the limits of their abilities they adapt and base their new training regimen on improving: overcoming their weaknesses, developing new skills, and practicing their craft - all to play the game better.

So must actors.

In most cases athletes are never asked to get into a baseball state of mind, a football mentality, a runner's head, or a golfer's mindset. Instead, they are asked to focus on the perfect execution of each task, moment by moment; for an athlete those moments add up to a good game, and ultimately, a win.

An actor also wants to win.

Win his intention - get the girl, defeat the enemy, overcome the odds, save her child, save a marriage, win independence, reach the moon, achieve greatness.
An actor must keep playing that intention, physically, until it is accomplished or defeated.

- Just as a football player can't stop running until the whistle is blown.
- Just as a batter who is down 0-2 must keep fighting off bad pitches.
- Just as a gymnast on the balance beam prepares for a dismount.

Sometimes they are tackled, or strike out, or fall.
When that happens, they go back to work, adapt, and practice with renewed intensity.

We improve by:
- Revisiting old skills.
- Developing new skills.
- Practice – the practical application of the skills.

The classes at THE SPORT OF ACTING are designed to give actors an opportunity to do just that.


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