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SPORT OF ACTING Fundamentals

Developed by Vincent Guastaferro, THE SPORT OF ACTING has evolved as a unique and energizing way of working.

In teaching for the last 10 years, Vinny has derived an approach that levels the playing field; the idea being that beginners need a place to start and advanced actors need to revisit the beginning. His approach reaches across the barriers that normally divide actors by their varied levels of training and/or experience.

As with most athletes, training in the fundamentals always leads to a greater mastery of their craft. Vinny understands the fundamentals, knows what the actor's job is, and is great at communicating with the actors. His experiences in film, television, and on stage make his perspective practical and his passion authentic.

No matter what “method” they were taught, the fundamentals, as distilled by Vinny at THE SPORT OF ACTING inform as well as inspire his students.

And Vinny makes learning fun!

About Cindy

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A photo of Cindy Cindy backstage at the Scottish play
Cindy backstage at the Scottish play Cindy's death scene - Friday 13th
Cindy at work Cindy at work

"Cindy is terrific…I definitely recommend her approach and her wonderful talents."
HARRIET ZUCKER, Entertainment Manager

"I can't think of anyone more qualified than Cindy Kania. The way she teaches acting and directs young performers is joyful."
JEAN SMART, Actress and parent

"Cindy nurtures the creativity in each child, while they have a great time."
TOM, Parent


The Sport of Acting


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About Vinny


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Vinny talks in detail about approaching and performing David Mamet's text, "Speed the Plow".

Randy Couture, talks about working with Vinny and David Mamet in "Redbelt". CLICK HERE TO READ FULL INTERVIEW...

In film he has worked for noted directors Ivan Reitman, Barry Levinson, Woody Allen, Michael Mann, and Garry Marshall, to name a few.

On TV Vinny has done over a hundred guest appearances, most recently on The Unit, Without a Trace, Law & Order, and Eli Stone. He has co-starred in several TV movies; most noted is Nitti: The Enforcer, starring Anthony LaPaglia in which Vinny co-starred as Al Capone.

On Broadway he appeared with Patti LuPone in David Mamet's hit autobiographical drama, The Old Neighborhood and later Vinny played Charlie Fox in Speed the Plow at Baltimore's Center Stage. He was in the world premiere of Romance in NYC at the Atlantic Theater Company and remains active on stage having performed in yet another world premiere of a new Mamet play, Keep Your Pantheon at the Kirk Douglas Theater in Culver City in 2008.

Cindy has taught the following in a myriad of different venues

• Theatre Games and Improvisation
• Scene Study and Monologues
• Acting Shakespeare
• Musical Theatre Workshops
• After-School Classes
• Playwriting (concluding in an) Original 10 Minute Play Festival

Privately Cindy offers -
• Onset Coaching
• Audition Prep

As an artist/educator Cindy has performed for and taught thousands of school children in the LA area.

Cindy has directed shows such as -
Bye, Bye Birdie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Emperor's New Clothes, Charlotte's Web, and the original G.I. Ants. and Persephone in the Mirror.

"Cindy's class was the most fun and exciting class I've ever taken."
MATTHEW, Student

Vincent Guastaferro

A photo of Vinny Guastaferro
A veteran character actor of stage, television, and film, Vinny attended graduate school at The Goodman School of Drama in Chicago where he earned his MFA in Acting. Vinny worked in Chicago at the beginning of its burgeoning theater movement and came to LA in the early 1980’s. He numerous credits reflect the various venues in which he has performed; from waiver-theater to Broadway, from day-player parts to series regulars on television, and from low-budget indie films to major studio movies.

He has worked with an array of stars ranging from heroes past like Don Ameche and Jackie Gleason, to the hot comets of today like Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Julia Stiles.

Having begun his career in Chicago, Vinny has a long standing affiliation with the writer David Mamet, appearing in six of his films and performing his plays on stages all over the country.

An acting teacher for over 10 years Vinny continues to share his experience and passion for the craft of acting with students from all over the world.

Cindy Kania

A photo of cindy

Cindy Kania is originally from Chicago, and received her MFA in theatre from USC having studied under John Houseman and Nina Foch. She has appeared on stage in numerous roles including in David Mamet’s Edmond, and Women Behind Bars at the Roxy. Cindy has worked with Francis Coppola, John Voight, and Michael Apted among other industry luminaries and has been seen in dozens of commercials and numerous TV shows.

Cindy has taught Acting for 20 years having headed up youth programs at CSUN’s TeenAge Drama Workshop, Young Actors Workout, Los Encinos School, and Will Greer's Theatricum Botanicum. She also works as an onset coach for both children and adults.

A great educator with a penchant for encouraging young actors to have fun developing acting skills, Cindy now brings her talents to THE SPORT OF ACTING as head of the SPORT Youth Program.

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